As a young boy, Gareth was often found training in the gym or studying literature, which helped him gain valuable knowledge about the human body and nutrition. With a great passion instilled in him from such a young age, it’s not surprising Gareth’s career has been shaped by health and fitness. Initially when starting out as a fitness instructor, Gareth begun to develop a strong understanding of the human body. Following several years of experience Gareth yearned for more, which consequently resulted in him achieving his goal, and qualifying as a personal trainer.

In 2008 Gareth started working at Machynys Peninsula Golf and Country Club. Nestled in the heart of a picturesque landscape, the club itself offers a warm and tranquil atmosphere. With this in mind Gareth was sure that this was the perfect environment to base himself. Machynys ensures clients receive a quiet, friendly and peaceful space, within a generously equipped gym, to help pleasantly achieve personal targets at ease.

Since embarking on his journey Gareth has earned an incredible reputation at Machynys Golf Club, and within the Llanelli area. This is echoed in many emotional testimonials, whereby clients commend his work through life changing success stories.

In earlier years Gareth explored the field of weight training. Throughout his youth competed in the wales BNBF and wales NABBA competitions. Successfully placing third one year gained him the opportunity to compete, in the USN Novice finals in Birmingham.

Gaining a great amount of experience is paramount to Gareth. Possessing a vast knowledge base around body sculpting and strict dieting has bode him well. Now he has turned his focus to fitness. In 2013 he rowed 43,000 kilometres! The length of a marathon for charity, his next challenge scheduled for 2015 is to row, cycle and run the length of 4 marathons, in just 24 hours.

Gareth is proud to be the Fitness Manager at Machynys Peninsula Golf and Country Club. He thrives on providing a high level service, which boasts a professional and particular manner when tailoring each client’s individual program.

Gareth understands that no individual program can be structured the same, if everyone’s body and goals are structured so differently.

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